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My love for you was true

by Hugs and Kisses

Daddy what's the matter?
What did I do wrong?
I thought that you loved me
But that didn't last long.

Sitting in the corner
With water on my face
Knowing you don't love me
That I'm just a big disgrace

Too scared to move a muscle
Too scared to make a sound
So I lay where you threw me
Sprawled across the ground

I know I made you mad
But I don't remember why
I didn't break a rule
Or even tell a lie

You quickly walk away
I think my beatings done
But then I start to realize
The night has just begun

I hear your footsteps coming
The doorknob starts to twist
I try to run away
But you grab me by the wrist

Your hitting me harder
Than you ever have before
Then you start to kick me
While I'm laying on the floor

You stop for a moment
And then you start to pace
Your thinking really hard
I can see it on your face

I know what your thinking
How to hurt me even more
You walk out of the room
And loudly slam the door

You stomp down the hall
I can tell that you are mad
Why can't you just love me
Like every other dad

I just don't understand
Why you always make me hurt
"Daddy I hate you!"
I accidentally blurt

A mistake I have just made
And for that I must pay
"Help me through the night"
I silently start to prey

I hear you coming back
I hope it's all a dream
I want away from you
But no one hears me scream

You have something in your hand
I see that it's a knife
You put it through my heart
I'm scared for my life

I'm bleeding all over
This is my last day
I know I'm gonna die
When my vision starts to sway

My life was very bad
Because I constantly hurt
And on top of all that
You treated me like dirt

Now I am an angel
Looking down on you
But what I want you to know
Is that my love for you was true