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Once apon a time...

by Erica Joviec

Once apon a time
in a far off place
lived a princess in a castle
full of beauty and grace

She spent most of her life
in a tower so high
hoping that her prince
would soon come by

then one night
her door was struck down
and there was her prince
as he knelt to the ground

down on one knee
he pulled out a ring
proposed to be married
and for her to be his queen

she took his warm hands
and looked in his eyes
she started to smile
and then began to cry

He asked her what's wrong
and for her reply
for what that princess said
took her prince for surprise

"I've spent my life in this castle
awaiting the day
where you'd burst through that door
and carry me away,

But as I lay in my bed
in all of my glory
i realized dreams are for dreams
and fairy tales are for stories

Love isn't meant to be simple
it doesn't belong in "far far away"
Life isn't meant to be perfect
we are to live for today

So my prince, i delince
because i'm not a prize
you cannot win my heart
you must fight for where it lies

"Happily ever after"
may be the dream of many girls
but to belive in such a thing
belongs in an imaginary world"

Fairy tales have endings
Love doesn't have an end
in flows in such a cirlce
that goes around again and again

Many stories have their morals
as this one does today
for one's heart is much to precious
to simply give away

The End