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Diamond Eyes

by Hugh Coffey

Diamond Eyes

When Aphrodite and Venus look down from above,
They see a Grand creature the girl that I love,
Her eyes are like diamonds, yet dark and so deep
Her lips red like rubies, and wine that is sweet.

Her caress has a Magic that makes my heart soar
You are perfection, even Gods do adore,
Your soft kisses so gentle, most truly divine.
It leaves on my lips, a taste sweeter than wine.

When I look in your eyes, I see to your soul,
A beauty so rare, a delight to behold
A heart which is pure, holding much love
You are a true angel, a gift from above.

God answered my prayers when you he did make,
I offer my heart for you to please take,
And pray that my life can be spent loving you,
I offer a love, both pure and most true.

Please say to me darling, our lives we can share,
Our love is forever, with each other to care
Our hearts beat as one, and our souls shall unite
A love that is perfect, a feeling so right.

When death makes us part, In heaven I'll wait
Till you do arrive at Gods pearly gate.
Then when you do join me, we just begin
To share our true love, a love without end.