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They Say

by End Of Eternity

And they say, love is a foolish game
in which you bend till you break
lust wrapped in the majesty of soft skin
and with a smile you put life on stake

they say, its like a ride in a rollercoaster
you cherish everything while going so high
but tears starts rolling when you come down
yet you don't mind giving it another try

so they say, true love could never get old
though very rare you would find someone so true
with a blink of an eye, heart could get cold
and then you fall for someone else, feeling so blue

some of them say, love keeps you forever young
though there's a sad song every falling tear has sung
still the desires of a heart takes you away from eyes
and with elegance your ears betray your silent cries

and then they say never believe in what you hear
for life is a simple riddle where rules are never clear
so we end up playing with our own little interest
where hurting a heart sounds like a deal so best