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Get over it!!!!

by Rilee Mai

Its so hard not to wonder,
About what it is I do,
That makes you so angry,
Makes me so scared of you.
I try hard not to fail,
But I never do it right,
You look down on me with hatred,
And I just sit and wonder why.
You're so hard to make happy,
Just too hard to please,
You are always disappointed in me,
Even if I finally do succeed.
I smile and keep going,
Pretend that I don't care,
But deep inside I'm hurting,
And I wish I wasn't there.
I don't know what your problem is,
This is all I know how to be,
If your not happy with who I am,
Then why don't you just leave?
I'm not asking you to stay,
And I'm not asking you to go,
But I'm tired of trying so damn hard,
Why wont you just leave me alone?
Get over it, you're not all that!
For once why don't you try to impress me?
Gawd, what am I on about...?
That's something I'm never going to see.