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I Gave You My Heart

by Ann Stareyes

When you asked me to marry you
What a special day for me
Tears of joy and happiness
Your wife I wanted to be.

The vows I said to you, I meant
Till death do us part
You gave me those butterflys
And I gave you my heart.

You walked every step with me
Shared my happiness and pain
You loved me unconditional
I've loved you the same.

When ever I needed you
You were always at my side
You'd wipe the tears away
When they fell from my eyes.

You provided for our family
A good man you've always been
This is why I Loved you
Our love is deep within.

So many thought we wouldn't make it
But boy, did we prove 'em wrong
Our love continues to blossom
We know where our hearts belong.

Having this love that's so sacred
Is the greatest gift of all
Being honest and truthful
Is the most precious gift I recall.

Today as I Look back upon the years
Twenty-nine... to be exact
The years have flown by but...
We know where true love lies....
Deep within Our Heart.

Happy Anniversary to the sweetest man I know
The Love of my life...
Oct. 29 I'll be married 29 the love of my life...