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I pray this will last.

by BlueDreams

I woke up in the morning
I rushed into the day
I had something to tell you
But I didn't know what i want to say.

I came so close to telling you
But butterflies were my defeat
So I'll hold off on this moment
And let my heart just lead.

You asked me how I'm doing
I said that I was fine...
I wanted to say it to you
But you didn't have the time.

Months gone by just like this
The situation never changed
Another month or two of this
can drive a man insane.

The time came when I was to tell you
We were all alone that day
I was gazing up at heaven
In my heart did I silently pray.

I told you that I loved you
And for you that I did fall
You looked at me and smiled
You asked me if that was all.

You told me that you loved me
Ensuring that you felt the same
And then you asked me to be with you
The confusion felt like a game.

Surprised at how you asked me
Unsure of what to say
But then you had to hold me
And you kissed me in a perfect way.

Confused at how it turned out
It happened oh so fast
as we make our future
I pray this will last.....