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The Luckiest Guy (part 2)

by Goran Rahim

Dear the luckiest guy in the world
It is me again, the hopeless guy.
Writing to you another note
But I really don't know exactly why

We both have something in common
The angel that we both love.
I am writing this to take out pain
Not to make your life anymore tough.

I was always dreaming and imagining
One day she will open her eyes
Then she'll realize how much I adore her
How One day I'll be a surprise

Having you in her life
All my dreams have faded
I am just a hopeless guy
My every day is jaded.

We were not alike
That is why she chose you
I was just being myself
I was being so true

You grew up in a land
Which was full of brightness
Me, since my childhood
Got use to this darkness

You can smile all the time
As you have much happiness
I got use to teardrops
Yet for her, it is meaningless.

I had the deepest feelings
Yet never she could see
Can you do me a favor?
Advise her not to hate me

You are the luckiest guy
Finding the reality of my dream
Yet I have no complaint
As it is destiny's chosen theme