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I'll Survive

by Brittany C

I've tried to move on,
but you are always there.
In the back of my mind
and deep in my heart.

You left me and I don't know why,
It hurts so bad I thought I would die,
But I am here, I'm still alive,
I look for love but I just can't find it.

You told me to find some one,
that we needed to meet new people,
try new things but it is hard.
I thought you wanted to be with me.

I thought you were the one that
I would spend the rest of my life with,
but I was wrong, oh how wrong I was,
now I think you just wanted to hurt me.

You said you loved me.
That apparently was one,
of your many lies, you hurt me,
and now, now I am so alone.

It is hard to understand
where I had gone wrong.
So I guess I have to let go now,
I will survive this, I have to.