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I Love You More

by Christie

With shaking hands and a tremor in her voice,
She voiced her intense pain,
She knew that soon the cancer would win,
She'd never see this world again.

As her husband knelt beside her bed,
With tears streaming down his face,
He told her he loved her with all his heart,
And could never be replaced.

The frail, small women in her death bed,
Said sweetie, its you I adore,
I don't care how much you say you love me,
I will always love you more.

An old argument from their teenage years,
A meaningful yet fun game,
They'd use any means to prove they'd won,
An everlasting dispute it became.

For their 30 years of happy marriage,
It seemed to go so fast,
Of all the times he'd argued his love,
This would be the very last.

Through his tears, he said goodbye,
He'd never done this with ease,
He'd always hated the time she'd leave,
Even if only for a week.

He knew he was saying goodbye for ever,
Never to see her again,
It left him unable to speak a word,
He was consumed by her intense pain.

He bent down and kissed her head,
Remembering all she'd been,
Remembering their wedding day,
And how they'd met at 15.

With so much love in his heart,
He looked to the woman he knew,
She asked him to get her more morphine,
Slowly from the room he withdrew.

He didn't realise that this moment of pain,
Was her body finally giving way,
Before the dark consumed her being,
She said what she'd wanted to say,

Though not heard by her husband,
The man she loved and adored,
Alone, in pain, she used her last breath,
To exhale, 'I love you more'.