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She has my Soul And Heart

by Hugh Coffey

I was looking everywhere,
For one I could not find,
Until that one special day,
I saw the angel of my mind.

I looked at her so closely,
Her beauty caught my eyes,
I had this wonderful feeling,
What some call butterflies.

Then finally that day came,
I asked if she'd go out,
She answered yes I will,
My joyous heart cried out.

Every time I look at her,
Especially in her eyes,
I know not what to say,
For I feel much love inside.

I know she is the one for me,
I will never let her go,
I will love her for all time,
And I want to tell her so.

She fulfilled my life,
Just by being there;
My life has changed so much,
Just because she cares.

I will always be here,
Through the good and through the bad;
I will always make her happy,
Any time when she is sad.

Nothing else can I say,
She is the best to me,
That's the truth and promise,
And it will always be.

I love her very much,
She has my soul and heart,
I hope together we can stay,
I can't imagine us apart.