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On My Mind

by Tiffany

I beg my mind to go to rest
As my heart beats faster through my chest.
It is three in the morning
And yet I am still awake
These feelings inside I can not shake.
I can see your smile
Your eyes so blue
As if I am sitting across from you.
I can hear you laugh
See that sparkle in you eye
And it amazes me that you never even try.
You intrigue me
You confuse me
And even at times you lose me
You make me angry at times
And most of the time I think I might lose my mind.
But still its three in the morning
And look who is on my mind!
I just wished I had enough time
To figure out what I really feel for you.
Instead of staying up all night thinking about you
Wishing I knew what to do
To see if these feelings for you are really true
I just love being with you.