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The roses beauty calls

by BlueDreams

The dewdrop upon roses bloom
Could ne'er compare to thee
And like that flowers sweet perfume
You overpowered me
But as with each fresh petal's death
Its beauty soon must die
But the memory of its living breathe
The artist can't deny
Though the roses in sun must fade
So would its scent in deepest shade.

And you the rose in life to me
Must be allowed to grow
Not tethered to the soul of me
But to the love you long to know
For though your beauty long will live
Your soul must wing... displayed
For tis life in you that I must give
Not stifle or degrade
For though my soul is precious meant
tis shade to you, I cast and sent.

The fragrance and the bloom unite
As one, to cast its spell
In you... your soul and beauty fight
This I know too well
And though I long to kiss the rose
To inhale its heavens scent
A deeper love is what I chose
For losing you I must prevent
For though the roses beauty calls
tis the love of us, my heart befalls.

And your beauty seen in slow decay
Will lessen not my love for you
The words my heart and soul essay
Will speak of love... not sad adieu
Your inner soul is what I crave
Your fragrance, till we part
And when carried to my earthly grave
Twill be your fragrance in my heart
And although the rose I loved so well
twas your fragrance that my heart befell.