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Broken inside

by Choose xX Alex Xx Life

Push me,
Shove me,
Pull back my brown hair,
Bite me,
Scratch me,
Do as you dare.

Spit at me,
Stand on me,
Just don't break my heart,
Verbal abuse i don't want you to start.

For i am in love with the one who don't care,
I cry so much for him, until he shreds me bare.

The mental pain i carry, is built up inside,
Who can i talk to? To whom can i confide?

No one thats who, so i push it away,
Why when i cry doesn't he hold me? say its OK.

Left alone in the dark, the walls closing in,
Evil, sad, anger crawling through my skin.

Tears on the paper,as she reconstructs her world,
So emotional inside, who's going to help the girl?

The weird girl, the strange girl, the one who cries.
On the bus, in the car, at night in bed as she lies.

She doesn't want to leave him, she wants him to change,
She cries every single night, what is his game?

this is another about my bf David