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To My Valentine

by Jeff Owen

I'm usually pretty silly,
when I show you how I care,
but today is very special, and
be silly, I don't dare.

I thought of sending flowers,
but thought, no, not to you.
I thought of sending candy,
but that was silly too.

I wanted to send a card,
with all the frills along,
or send you all my love
in a silly little song.

I could have sent balloons,
but that is getting old.
I could have sent a heart
made of 14kt. gold.

I could have sent a teddy bear
to snuggle with at night,
but I'd rather it be me you snuggle with,
when you turn out the light!

I couldn't think of how to show it,
in any special way,
So I guess there's only one thing left
for me to briefly say.

I love you Alesia Igo,
and I'm so glad you're mine.
So would you, if I asked real nice,
be my Valentine?