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Froggy's Dream

by Twisted Heart

I'm just a frog on a lily pad
Sitting in this pond
Waiting for the farmer's daughter
To come along.
I see her everyday, it seems
She's cute as she can be
As she skips along the edge
And takes a look at me.
I lose my tongue when she's around
But I know if I could speak
She'd take me home with her today
And next to her I'd sleep.
So today, I have a real good plan
I've gathered up some rocks
I've left a message by the edge
Where she sits a lot.
Six words I've left for her to read
To change the scheme of things
I hope the words are all spelled right
I see her now, as she approaches
And sits along the edge
I move in close so she can reach me
As my words she says
She grabs me hard with both hands
And looks me in the eye
At first she hesitates because
She can't see past my disguise
Then she leans in close to me
And I just can't resist
I take a long hard breath before
I kiss her on the lips.
Nothing happened, I'm still a frog
She feels like she's a fool
Quite a clever little trick
For a frog who never went to school.