Read Love Poems


by BlueDreams

Let the shadows poet say what they please
For beauty is truth, true beauty, that is all.
At tender eye drawn of aurora love
Disperse the seeds of innocence into his heart.

And now his guard has fallen
For he have become weak and under her spell.
Nevertheless, he render his joy
To a woman so beautiful, lineal of a goddess indeed.

Bleedeth his veins they shall
To see her walk the purest of heaven's dreams.
No regrets of how one feels for thee,
Like the hidden scent of an unbudded rose.

Believe how he love thee, believe how near
his soul is to its doom, he would not grieve
For love is divine, as divine as it can be.
he set his weary soul in flames to please.

No honors, no pride, no glory he hold inside.
Just his love at stake,
And her free will to decide.
Cut mercy with a sharp knife to the bone.

A fool his may be possibly,
But love laws his speak with tears,
the love he kept within his heart
For her ever more, his lover....