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I Wasn't Even His.

by Sarah Ann

The scenery was so perfect
A blistery but peaceful night
He took me in his arms, we cuddled,
But I wasn't even his.

He whispered sweet words.
I felt destined to his beauty and fate
I saw desire when he looked into my eyes
My heart went thump, and fell.

I stumbled over and he caught me
He already had my heart, my soul
Oh! what a thief. Didn't I know he would be?
And I wasn't even his.

How insanely rude, I thought.
He gently touched my cheeks, smiling
But I felt as if a feather rubbed down my spine
I was shaking. I felt loved.

In response I tried to say something.
I couldn't.
"Love isn't for me" I wanted to scream
Instead, he kissed me.

The world spun and fell apart,
Then there was only us.
The Earth stood whole for two.
I was dizzy. I felt sick.

He pulled away and smiled
How I let him take full control, I don't know
But the butterflies distracted me,
And I wasn't even his.