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Words Arent Enough

by Cassie Morris

I find myself unknowing of what to write,
As I cry joyful tears.
Everyone else is clouded over,
But one thing is always clear.

Each night I slumber,
I dream of nothing but your face.
Handsome, elegant, stunning,
I feel my heart begin to race.

Your angelic voice,
So soft and divine.
the one voice out of all others,
That leaves a trace across my mind.

The way you act thrills me,
How you rid me of my fears.
I cant get over how sweet you are,
And how you wipe away my tears.

Your eyes like shimmering stars,
Or a warm sun ray.
Forever I could gaze at them,
They seem to brighten my day.

I want so much to hold you,
To trace a finger over your lips.
To look deeply in your eyes,
And draw you into a kiss, Oh. . .

I await the day we meet,
Just the thought makes me smile.
And like I said to you before,
We could last a long while.

We talked about places we would go,
And things that we would do.
Even if we never meet,
Ill always be standing by you.

I feel only you understand,
My true self, You alone have seen.
You are pure perfection in my eyes,
YOU are what true love means.

This poem means nothing,
And I know the reason why.
Because words aren't enough to show,
The feelings I feel inside.

You are my other half,
The missing link of me.
You complete my heart and soul,
Like no other could ever be. . .