Read Love Poems


by Amy

Its hard to explain just how i feel
I always change my mind.
I never know exactly what i want
or even how it will unwind.

My heart aches of loneliness
but i still will not give in.
My stubbornness takes over
I just have to win.

I don't need anyone, I'm stronger then that
I can make it on my own
But my pain starts to slowly rise
and soon it will all be shown.

I miss the soft touch of someone special
holding me in their arms
The tender kiss that warms my body
and makes me feel no harms

I miss the comfort of knowing
that someone will always be there
A shoulder to cry on in my time of need
When i can no longer bear.

But i don't want to feel the pain
that will come when they decide to leave.
The pain of being let down
and once again deceived.

It hurts to know that the happiness
will sooner or later end
So for now ill keep my stubbornness
so nothing will have to mend.