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I Will Always Love You

by Kristina

I miss being with you,
My wrists just keep bleeding.
I wish you were still here,
To keep my heart beating.

You were the only one I had,
The only one who cared,
And I know it's all my fault,
That you're no longer here.

You always stood by my side,
Even when I was wrong,
Told me that you loved me,
And made me feel like I belonged.

You were so nice to me,
I thought you were "the one,"
But then it came to the end,
Of our romantic song.

I was so stupid,
And pushed you away,
I thought you didn't really love me,
And you weren't here to stay.

You really did love me,
With all of your heart,
I should have believed you,
But instead I tore our relationship apart.

I know I broke your heart,
And I broke my own too.
But baby I just want you to know,
I will always love you!