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She love me in my dream.

by BlueDreams

The one I find, I think is right
Is never right it seems
I long for her to love me
But she loves me in my dreams.

For though I try to love you
To show what love could be
The bridge you could not cross
Was to love and care for me.

Now, when I stare into the mirror
I see the mirror's crack
And I search alone for truth
Of what I, myself, must lack.

But is the love that I possess
Too wicked for you to see
Why could I not be loved?
For simply being me...

Now all I have are pictures
And the time I spent with you
Hoping that all my dreams
Would shortly all come true.

But I never saw your tears
When I turned and walked away
And the absence of those tears
Said much more than words could say.

For the pain within grew quickly
And never left my side
And though hidden deep inside me
My pain I just can't hide.

Now life for me has fractured
And my heart has split in two
Since the Love I once loved
Became the Love I once knew.

I hold onto hope forever
That one day you'll be mine
And in some distant time and place
Our souls at last entwine.

But, I fear that when you realize
It was me that you adore
We will have wasted precious moments
For, alas, I'll be ignored.

For to God I'll journey forward
To walk in heavens field
And to anger, hate and torment
My body shall not yield.

For I could not hate the love
That caused my heart to see
Oh, Lord, why could I not be loved?
For simply being me...