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An Awakening

by lawrence

Who am I fooling
Is it anyone I miss
Or is it just a longing
For that loving couple bliss
Many nights I sit alone
Wondering in my bed
Trying to figure out these feelings
Going on inside my head

Loneliness comes a knocking
Every once in awhile
Feeding me that lonely potion
Making me feel like a child
A babe crying for the loving hands
To cradle me in warm embrace
Smother me with loving kisses
Holding me tight, keeping me safe

Now loneliness I ask you
Is it an "M" or an "X" I miss
They've been gone for so long
How can I still be feeling this
Silent as it always is
Loneliness never replied
An answer I can't seem to find
A single tear, I cried

Wake up your bloody idea Lawrence!!!
Are you so blind to see!!!
Who are you expecting to comfort you
Wallowing in your silly self-pity
Climb out from your little hole
And walk towards the light
There's so much love waiting for you out there
Away from loneliness, take flight!!!