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Till The End

by BeautifulxMess

Every time that I cry,
I always fall apart.
I think of you,
and it mends my heart.

Nobody makes me feel
like the way you do.
I've never knew someone
great like you.

All my life every thing
seemed black and white.
You opened my eyes,
and made my world bright.

Your sweet voice
makes me smile.
No matter how far you are,
you're worth that extra mile.

You make me laugh
when you don't try.
I love you more then
this life.

Our conversations can
last forever in a day.
I always feel your presence
when your 1,000 miles away.

Your smile makes feel
all warm inside.
Within my heart, your
love will abide.

I dote on your grace,
that I adore. Everything
that you do keeps me
begging for more.

You open arms your for me.
No matter how blind
I am, with you I can see.

Charming as you are;
I cannot deny. I always
ruminate about this love
that I can't hide.

With you everything
is all clear. If you ever
leave me my eye would
give a tear.

All these moments I
reminisce on; I'll never
forget. Sweetheart, with
you my heart is set.

I'm set to a rode that
never ends. Somewhere,
someone will find me with
open hands.

Angels wings carry me
beyond far. You helped
me hang on to what I
wished on that shooting star.

My love is stronger then
what these words beckoned.
I never thought there was
love, from what I reckoned.

You have a pure soul
that never leaves my sight.
Your eyes leave the way
through a dark, terrible night.

You have soft hair that
my fingers run through.
And a smile that tells me
I found you.

Your skin touches mine
so gently. Kisses you
plant on my lips so sweet.

I wasn't complete until
I saw your face. Never will
I find someone that keeps
my heart in place.

So many months gone
by, and we're still together
strong. We've been through
a lot, but we'll keep going on.

I'll only love you more until
my dying day. Until then,
there's more I've got to say.

There's never enough words
to tell you my love, Sweetheart,
when you look at me, I
can't get enough.

I've always wondered why
you loved me so dear. When
I asked you, you said it's
because I'm always here.

I'll always be here for you;
through think or thin. You'll
always know about the love
I cherish within.

For better or worse; till death
do us part. I'm going to
love you with every beat
of my heart.

I'll run a thousand miles
just to see you. Though it
may not last long, I'll do what
you want me to.

I want to die in your arms.
A smile on my face while
God lifts me from harm.

My mind tells me that I'm
going crazy, My heart tells
me I'm always going to
be your baby.

I'll always be yours no
matter what goes down.
Every word spoken leads
to one sound.

A sound only we can hear.
Noises that whispers in
our ears.

Tickle me so, and keep
me safe. For I have you,
our love will never break.

All these times with you gone
by so fast. Times I get so
speechless knowing that you'll
be a big part of my past.

I leave my worries at
the door. When I'm in
your arms, I don't have
to cry anymore.

Every night I pray. I pray
to God that you'd get
through each and every

If we never say I do, or
make love for the first time.
I thank Him for bringing
you to my life.

We'll always be friends.
Best friends, there for
each other to the end.

till the end, if that day
comes too soon. It
wouldn't matter anyways,
because it'd end with you.