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Your Enchantment

by Serena

With just one touch our souls unite,
Bound together by some heavenly light.
Maybe it's the fact that you know me so well,
Or possibly you have me under your spell,
But when you look in my eyes, I can no longer speak,
There's something about you that makes me weak.
My palms get sweaty, my body starts to shake,
You fill me with emotions that I just can't take.
Each and every time your lips meet mine,
I get sudden chills up and down my spine.
It's a very odd and strange sort of bliss,
Only invoked by your magical kiss.
I hear music every time you're near,
A gentle melody that dissolves my fear
I am hypnotized by your captivating charm,
And when you hold me close I feel safe from harm
Every second in this trance I love you more
For you are the man I've been waiting for.
I'll do everything in my power to make you laugh.
In fact all that I do is on your behalf.
You are my life, my one best friend,
You shall be my world until the very end.
So please my dear say you love me as well,
And never release me from this enchanting spell.