Read Love Poems


by Misstress

Stirring moonbeams off the lake,
The moon utters a woeful cry.
"I wish he knew,"
she whispered.

As she takes a dip,
a step to oblivion,
A coterie of words burst!
swaying through the palm fronds.

For tonight, even lucid waters
would lash a peculiar sound,
tuned into a fading reverie.

While others tell-tales of love,
Serenading the night
in the arms
of their destinys embrace.

An odd angle of silence
refutes my beating heart.
"I wish she knew."

Now as I take a step back in time
to gather your words,
your laughter's
into lines of remembrance

Even clear skies
would paint your shadows,
your smile.
As tears fall from my eyes,
this heart.

While others would tell- tales
of how a leaf has withered so soon.
I'd tell a story
of how a flower blooms...

In the arms now
of an eternal loves embrace.