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Gay Love

by steph

I first met you on myspace
But I really wanted to meet you face to face
Then I finally saw you at school
I thought you were really cool
I really want to start talking to you
I hope you'll want to talk to me too
I'm only a sophomore
And you're about to be out the door
When you said you were gay
That completely made my day
Tell me what dressing (clothing) you like
Sporty, Preppy, Punky, or even Dyke
Maybe we can hang out some time
Either at your place or mine
I would really like to chill with you
To see the things you do
We could hang at the movies or the mall
Or even in the school hall
But whatever is fine with me
I guess we'll just have to see
I really like you in that way
Maybe just because I'm gay
Do you think we should give it a try?
If it wasn't for you, I would die
You might think that is a lie
But just look in my eye
And see me
Yours I want to be