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You are..

by Gary

You are the one and only person,
That makes me strong and weak at the same time,
Your love makes me strong,
Your touch makes me weak.

You are the essence of my existance,
You are everything i ever wanted,
And more.

You are the girl,
The girl i used to dream about,
The girl that i thought was only true in dreams,
But than,
I meet you in reality.

You are perfect in every way,
And the love you and I share,
Was a love that was made to never die.

You are my angle,
Sent to me,
From up above.

I am never going to let you go,
I am going to love you forever,
You and I will always be apart of each other.

I love you stacey,
And for as long as my heart beats,
I promise you,
My love will never fade or die.