Read Love Poems


by Rilee Mai

Secrets that i've kept from you,
Things i've left unsaid,
I guess it doesn't matter what happens now,
I know what lies ahead.
All the broken promises,
And the hurtful lies,
I'm the cause of all the pain,
That I see in your eyes.
Somehow things began to change,
I stopped forcing myself to care,
I know you want this as much as I do,
Like me, you're sick of having to always be there.
I don't need you with me anymore,
I can make it on my own,
I guess we're not that different after all-
All we both want is to be left alone.
I regret that we ever tried,
It was just a waste of time,
I don't know what I was thinking,
When I thought that I could make you mine.
I don't know why it happened,
Or if I did ever really care,
I know you feel the exact same way,
When I look into your empty stare.
There's nothing there behind your eyes,
And that's what made me see,
If there's nothing behind those eyes of yours,
Then there is nothing in you and me.