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After Five Years

by Goran Rahim

It is time to move on
As I have a life ahead of me
I don't love you anymore
I am glad the heart can see

I am sorry for I told you
You are the person I adore, I love you forever
but you couldn't read my heart in five years
I don't think you will ever

I never lied as I still love you
But now our paths are separate.
I loved you every second of my life,
Yet in your heart there was just hate.

I can not find a day,
In which you were nice to me.
My every heart beat was in your name,
Yet you would say "there is no we"

Painful, but I let you go
Washing my heart by the tears
I will break the chain of your love
And flyaway after five years

Goodbye again and again,
Yet I pray for your happiness.
You can just ignore me like you did,
since I don't need your kindness.