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Your Heart Belongs With Mine

by Jenni Marie

I think I am falling in love
Think I am falling for him
And if he loves me back
Then this battle I can win.

He's everything I ever wished for
Smart caring and kind
Whoever knew that
my soul mate I would find?

Even though I'm scared of getting hurt
I'm going to take a chance
My insides really melt
When my way he throws a glance.

He told me he loved me
I hope his words are true
For if I find them to be false
My heart will be so blue.

I pride myself on never getting too close
But this time I am really going to try
And each and every day
I'll pray we'll never say goodbye.

Oh, how i hope i chose the right boy
That this love is right this time
Because, my Dearest Love,
I believe your heart belongs with mine.