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I Fell For You

by Jenni Marie

When I first saw you
I realized I could fall for you
and when you smiled at me
I realized how much I hoped you were true.

When you first talked to me
I knew I could fall in love with you
And when you made me laugh
I hoped you wouldn't make me blue.

I could feel myself falling
I was falling in love
And i started to wonder
If you'd been sent from above.

When I found out
That you liked me too
I was scared to take the chance
In case I really fell for you.

But I chose to take the chance
and now I am glad I did
For with you my sweet
My emotions don't have to be hid.

I love you more than words can say
And i promise I will never hurt you
Now I pray every single day
That our love will always remain true.