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The Only One ...

by Matt H

Nothing can be compared to you
Your eyes so soft, your heart so true
The world abound, beneath your feet
My life is, without you, incomplete

Your smile forever imprinted in mind
The joy you hold is never confined
The talent you possess, comparable to none
Your looks, your beauty, seem to stun

I long to see your glowing face
Lifting me up with your delicate grace
An angel on earth, gentle and pure
When I am down, you are my cure

Your sparkling eyes like stars above
Soaring my mind as a morning dove
Your laugh sensational, always a pleasure
My feelings for you, no man can measure

Your very presence brightens my day
You are the white on the gray
Your touch, everyday, I long to feel
For when we are together, it seems surreal

When our eyes meet, my heart begins to race
And nothing surrounds me but empty space
And the only one left standing before me
The only one I see, the only person I want to see ...

... Is You