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Forever Mine

by Kayla

Already so many strong feelings
and i am scared.
Afraid to be happy one moment
and the next wondering if you ever cared.

You vowed you'll never hurt me
but im scared to believe it's true.
Help me take down this wall
that's keeping me from you.

You are truly amazing.
I dont understand how i didnt notice before.
Always there when i needed you,
how could i have been one to ignore?

Everytime I have a doubt,
you make everything all right.
Whenever I was sad and confused
you helped me through the late nights.

You make me feel special,
like i'm actually worthwhile.
As soon as i hear your voice,
I cant help but smile.

Thinking about you constantly,
I'm falling too fast.
Please dont ever make me
a part of your past.

You never have to worry.
I will always be near.
If you ever need me
I will eternally be here.

It is all up to you,
because i dont want any other guy.
As long as you are true
you are forever mine.