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I Will Never Break Free

by Sarah Ann

All the things we would have, could have done
All the memories my sore heart spun
All the wonderful nights spent in glee
Keep coming back and haunting me

Every walk around the block brings pain
Every person holding hands deems shame
Every romance trying to take my soul
Is breaking me, I hate it all.

All the wonderful smiles, stupendous glares
All the dreams I keep having, thinking you're there
All the people reminding me of our mistake
Keeps killing me softly, it's making me break

Every tear that keeps falling is staining my cheeks
Every thought of you shakes me,
Every moment I'm weak
Every night is true horror, a dreadful disaster
And each time I keep running,
But pain comes much faster

And so I keep trying to let this point fade
But I'm tripping on sorrow, on all I forbade;
And all the love I ignored; All I couldn't see,
Is binding me slowly, not breaking me free.