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What Happened?

by Simone

It was the first week of High School
I met you in the gym
I liked you right away
and our relationship begin
you treated me like a queen
and your kiss was so sweat
it felt so right
my expectations you did meet
you took me out to dinner and
from school you walked me home
When i was with you
I never felt alone
On the day of my Birthday
You made it the best day of me life
I went home and dreamed
of one day becoming your wife
we went on a field trip
and stayed in a hotel
to me I loved the idea
and thought all will go well
It started in a room
then went to a bed
I was so happy
as I gave you some head
We screamed each others name
as the night went by
that was the only day
I really felt high
When we were done
That night i slept like a baby
It was so good
I drove myself crazy
When we got back to school
that day changed me life
you did me so wrong
and cut me like a knife
you acted like you
didn't know me at all
you hurt my feeling
and made my heart fall
i tried to let go
but it wont get out my head
i felt like a h0e
i wish i was dead
its been 2 months
and I'm trying to get through
but you are a player
you do what you do
i haven't seen my period
i think somethings growing inside
as i though this thought
that whole night i cried
How could i be so stupid
i thought you were the one
but then it turned out
you fathered my son
now i tell me little boy
that daddy went away
when he asked why
i have nothing to say
sometimes i wonder
why this happened to me
but now i know why
now i can see
so as me and my son
move on with our lives
my boy is my everything
he is the reason i live life
so I'm doing good without you
me and my boy is doing fine
he belongs to me
and he is all mine
he will never hurt me
or even make me cry
he will never make me ask him
Why? Why? Why?
sometimes I'm glad i met him
without him my baby would be gone
but sometimes I'm so mad
i think what he did was wrong
but in the end I'm happy
that i saw his pretty face
because without him in my life
my boy wouldn't be the case