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Simply life.

by BlueDreams

A simple man, with simple words to say
A simple life, with a simple way...
All I can say, are the simple words... you hear.

This future is still uncertain
I know not where I'll be
But in the past few weeks I've prayed
That you will be with me.

My love has grown from day to day
I miss you more and more
If love is hurting while apart
No wonder my heart is sore.

I hold you close within my heart
And in my arms you lie
I cannot help the way I feel
Nor do I wish to try.

One thing I know the future
Brings each and every day
I love you more and more
My love, in each and every way.

The future holds uncertain thoughts
And wonderment abound
But I love you with all my heart
And will always be around.

You need not fear the future
For I will be with you
I cannot help the way I feel
But the way I feel is true...

I hope someday that you will see
The way my soul lies still
For all the love within my heart
Is strong and it is real.

Someday I hope to make you mine
For the future of my life
And everyday I hope and pray
That you will be my wife.

This is just a simple plea
A simple wish of mine
That you will be with me
Until the end of time.

I know that this is asking much
But much I do desire
I know you may not understand
But my heart is on fire.

Each time I am with you
Each time I hold you tight
I wonder if it will be my last
And if I have the right.

For I am just a simple man
And live a simple life
I only pray to God each night
That you will be my wife.

I cannot find the words to say
That will make you mine
I only have one simple plea
To ask for all time.

If all the words came rolling down
As water in the sea
None would ever be the same as
"Will you marry me?"