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Mr. Close Enough

by *Charisma*

If you've searched the ocean blue
And soared way up in the skies
You'll know exactly what I'm saying
When I say there's no Mr. Right

No man is always polite
Or in a suit does he always dress
I say it would be a treasure
To find a man without a mess

They don't love chick-flicks
And they can't all be tree-huggers
And most women would agree
Most men aren't cat lovers

They are NFL junkies
Or at least some boring sport
They leave clothes on the floor
And reply with a snort

The king of the recliner
And master of the remote
Into anything that's big
Whether truck, fish, or boat

With all of these things
You think I'd give up
But I would gladly settle
For Mr. Close Enough