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I Cant Live Without You

by Cassie Morris

I don't want to go outside,
For fear you wont be there.
I don't want you to see me sad,
I'm afraid that you wont care.

I don't want to make you mad,
Because I'd just go insane.
You would probably yell, scream and leave,
And I'd have only myself to blame.

I don't want to fall asleep,
Afraid of having nightmares.
Nightmares of you leaving,
They leave me in despair.

I don't want to shut my eyes,
Fearing you'll be gone.
Leaving me with nothing but
The lingering of your sweet song.

I don't want to let you down,
Thinking you wont believe in me again.
Scared that you'll just stop and say,
"Lets just be friends."

All the fears are swimming
Around in my head.
Doubts that one day you will be
Just me waking up in my bed.

I want to hold you,
To never let you go.
To hear your soft breathing,
And let this wondrous love grow.

I want to see through your eyes,
To find out what you see in me.
To see through the eyes of an angel,
Is all I'll ever need.

I want to live with you,
Together forever in your heart.
For this way I know,
We will never be apart.

I want to sleep with you,
To breath in you,
To drown, walk,
And sing in you.

To be with you. . .
I cant live without you. . . .