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One Final Goodbye.

by Jacob M Parnell

Well, here I stand.
Alone in the rain.
Heart in hand.
Adrenaline in my vein.

I'll tell her I love her.
Kiss her one last time.
Remind her who we were.
Tell her It'll be fine.

Remind her she did this.
She wanted me to wait.
Then give her that kiss.
And walk out that gate.

But she'll run after me.
Tell me to please hang on.
I'll remind her that I already made my plea.
And that our love is now gone.

I'll hold her gently.
Try to stop the cries.
And then Incidentally.
She'll ask me not say goodbye.

But this time I wont let her win.
She has hurt me for long enough.
My heart has become entirely too thin.
And tonight I have to be tough.

One final goodbye.
A chance to make it right.
A tear dropped from my eye.
I reminded myself it had to be tonight.

I pulled out my phone...
The signal was dead.
Never would I had known.
Until there she said.

I love you too.
You don't have to wait.
Forever just me and you.
Together we will share our fate.

We held each other.
On that night in the rain.
Stormed by imagination,
I noticed it was all in my brain.

I was still holding my phone.
The signal no longer dead.
I dialed her number.
She picked it up and said.

"I still cant see you Jake."
"It just wouldn't be right."
"It would just be a mistake."
That she wouldn't see me tonight.

I told her to just forget it.
A tear fell from my eye.
I said you know what I quit.
And let out one final goodbye...