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Do You Mean It?

by Raychil

You say you didn't mean it
That you don't want a break
But just yesterday you told me
This relationship was a mistake

Yes it's true I still love you
My heart still wants you near
Your words are sweet and loving,
But that is what I fear

I hear your voice trembling
You say you need me so
You say you want to be with me
Tell me, how do I know?

I don't want to stay in fear
I just want to be with you
But you still need to prove to me
That what you say is true

I may be 15 but I'm still sure
There's no one else for me
And when you tried to leave my life
I cried so much I couldn't see

Just promise me you mean it
That our relationship will mend
Because I'm going to give you my heart
So please don't break it again.