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It happened one night

by Italian Stallion

It happened one night
When I was alone
I met a girl
And now I call her my own

Her name was Liz
She was so kind
Her eyes met mine
And we started to entwine

Holding hands
In the warmth of the night
Holding each other oh so tight
We love one another, and that is no lie

She gave me a kiss
And said I love you babe
We held each other
And watched the stars shine

It started to get late
So I took her home
Gave her a kiss
And knelt on one knee

She looked at me and started to cry
I said Liz, will you marry me?
I held out a ring and waited for her reply
She couldn't help but to smile, and say,

"I love you Joe,
Of course I'll marry you,
You are the one I've always loved
And the one that is oh so true"