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I love you

by rebeccaxX


she tries to cover her face
but he wipes away the tears
he says it's okay
but she says he's wrong
how could it be....
he's not here to stay

she says she loves him
and not to leave
but he doesnt feel the same
he has goals to achieve

she says she could help
be there the whole way
he wants to do it alone
he couldnt stand having
someone there everyday

\"am i that horrible\"
\"do you hate me that much\"
as tears fall down her cheek
she says with a soft touch

\"no it's difficult\"
\"i dont know what to say\"
looking in her eyes
watching the tears fall away

he loves her the same
but does't know how to say
he thinks it would distract him
he was in such a disarray

\"do you love me?\"
looking at him
\"or do you just tell me that you do?\"
she begins to walk away
\"because i love you\"

\"no wait\"
\"i love you too\"
\"but i dont know what to do\"
his tears begin to fall
he hates himself
for what he's put her through

she turns again
and walks away
she didnt look back....
untill the next day

his thoughts began to turn
so he called her on her cell
\"meet me in the park\"
\"i've got something to tell\"

thinking that his plan
was to say goodbye
she walked even slower
staring at the sky

she saw him by a tree
tears beging to fall
something was in his hand
she bagan to feel very small

he handed her an evelope
with her name in a heart
feeling very confused
her world stoped falling apart

\"open it\"
she looked at her name
he wiped away her tears
restoking an old flame

what she found
changed her whole life
she finally smiled
and put down her knife