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Fight for love

by moonlil

Your disease makes you sad and depressed
but you try to be strong and give your best.
You lie for hours and weep
that you can't close your eyes and sleep.
You long for your love day and night
thinking about her, if she is alright.
You wonder if she is still there and wait
if she is the one - your fate
You want to hold her in your arms so tight
lying besides her every night.
You dream about her day by day
cause she is the reason you want to stay.
She is like an angel so pure
she is your love your cure.
You wonder if your wish will come true
and if not, what you would do.
You pray to God to make you alright
cause she is worth it to fight.
Your feelings for her are so strong
that nothing can go wrong.
You are willing to survive
to keep fighting and stay alive.