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My love for her.

by BlueDreams

I won't fill the hole, I don't need a spade
My love for her will never fade
I was full of emotional wealth
Felt so alive, full of health,

Although I've been torn apart
Forever there will be a vacancy in my heart
A void impossible to fill
I won't even try, never will,

I could go out and find myself a clone
Instead, I will live my life, totally alone
Never again to look into her eyes, at her face
The feelings I will not be able to replace,

It's not what she did say, it's what she never said
That leaves me heartless, and dead
Yes, she did say "I love you" to me
But at the time, she could not see.

She was confused, an emotional mess
I probably added to the stress
I thought it meant more than it did
So I opened myself up, laid out my emotional bid,

My love led me astray, I was wrong
I was listening to the wrong song
It is her, for whom I still love and care
A love she will never be able to compare.

The full extent of my love, I never had a chance to show
As her feelings did not grow
She will never be out of my mind.
As there are no others, she is one of a kind

Now I embark on my life of emptiness
I hope, its not all in vain, I pray she finds happiness
No matter what I say, I don't know why
My love for her I can't hide and will never die.