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One day ill let this go

by BECCA lessTHANthree

Sometimes I’m scared
It’s all downhill
Things can’t get better
But maybe they will

Sometimes I’m so ready
Sometimes I just know
I should cry it all out
And then just let it go

Sometimes im so scared
To be without you
Just thinking of it
I don’t know what to do

I love you and hate you
At all the same time
I can’t stand you but need you
If I want to be fine

Im scared to let go
Cause I just couldn’t bear
The heartache the pain
and nobody to care

Im scared to hold on
maybe this isn’t fate
And staying with you
might be a mistake

the more I think about it
The more i become sure,
the more im overwhelmed
And everything is a blur

Im so sure what we have
is not meant to last
because against our wishes
we are falling fast

And im not ready to face
This truth I’ve come across
Im just not ready to deal
With this depressing loss

So for now ill just ignore it
Till im ready for the pain
Till I have my raincoat
To protect me from the rain

I’ll live in denial
For as long as I can
Act like everything’s okay
And just play pretend

Im just so frightened of the truth
Because deep down I know
Things really aren’t working out
And one day ill have to let this go