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The way I feel inside

by Karl Wild GG23

The way I feel inside
Is empty and incomplete
I want the pain to go away
So I can get back on my feet

But getting on my feet
Means I'll have to stand
I can't get up alone
I'll need a helping hand

You broke my heart and left me vulnerable
An orange without a peel
Scarred me very deep inside
A wound that cannot heel

One part of me says I'm sorry
The other, I told you so
You should have never given that girl your love
Well I guess now I know

I take back all the things I've done
And the sweet things that I said
Because you no longer care for me
I might as well be dead

What I don't take back is the love I've given
I meant every single bit
I was willing to work things out
When all you could do was quit

I know it hurts you to look at me
Knowing what we could have had
You could've been a mother
And I could've been a dad

So I guess I'll walk too
Since its all you can seem to do
Know I'll always make it through
But I'll never deny that I LOVE YOU