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Two hearts, one heart beat

by Karl Wild GG23

Her and I have separate hearts
But they beat to the same drum
If I ever have a problem
She knows exactly where I'm coming from

Have you ever wondered why your heart beats?
I sometimes wonder about mine
But I know the real answer
And I can't get her off my mind

You see our hearts beat to the same drum
Because there synchronized
Like two watches that tell the same time
There identical in both eyes

If she struggles, I struggle
But together we make it through
Because together were indestructible
Like a nail or a screw

You can hit us, bash us
And pound us into a wall
But when you pull us out
We'll still be standing tall

Because we're two hearts, one heart beat
This way we're twice as strong
And with a love as strong as ours
What could possibly go wrong?