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Secret Love Affair

by Daenerys Stormborn

Hoping soon you'll call
Not knowing what to say at all
For you are more than real
And I can't help the way I feel

Laughing at the games we seem to always play
Waiting for what the other might say
But both of us know well
Exactly what we both can't tell

You have your loved one beside you
And I have someone beside me too
Maybe we should end this hopeless affair
Before it begins and leads us no where

I know deep, deep inside
That taking our love in stride
Would leave us feeling guilty and lost
And it wouldn't be worth the cost

Somehow it still seems worth it
Unexplainably I feel we can't just quit
There's something in our hearts we share
Something that shouldn't be there

If caring for you the way I do is wrong
And you and I will never belong
Then I've lost all sense because truly
This secret love is all that makes me feel free

Even if it means that my walls will close in
Even if loving you is the greatest sin
I'd rather take the chance and fall
Than never give our secret love a chance at all