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You're doing okay

by Nelle

I miss you tons I must say.
Nothing has been the same since you've been away.
I hope you're well and doing good.
I would be with you every day, only if I could.

You're getting better, and I'm very proud.
It's time to be serious, and not play around.
Be happy, and start living for you.
No one can understand the things that you go through.

You're sweet, gorgeous, and the best of friend.
I will stick by your side all the way until the end.
You know I will be here to keep you sane.
I will always get you through your pain.

I'm waiting for you I know your getting out soon.
Once you do I can tell you about my special moon.
It will make you smile, I promise it will.
You can see it real well once you go up that big hill.

I love you my baby, more then you know.
I promise to catch you at your lowest low.
I miss you tons I really must say.
Because nothing has been the same since you've been away.